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We are a Cartier buyer - Watches wanted are listed, but we also want any watch including
Audemars, Cartier, Rolex, Ebel
We buy watches of any kind.
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W25054P5 Md. Dt. at 3; St.Br.; 30mm W20060D6 Lg.Qz. St.Br.; 32mm
W25033P5 Sm. St.Br.; 22mm W20055D6 Lg. Auto. St.Br. 32mm
W61001T9 Ruban St.Br. W20056D6 Sm. Qz. St.Br. 26mm
STEEL & GOLD W20054D6 Sm. Auto. St.Br. 26mm
W25027B5 1 R.G.Br. Lg.Dt. at 3; 30mm STEEL & GOLD
W25028B5 1 R.G.Br. Med.Dt. at 5; 28mm W20011C4 Lg.Qz., Dt. at 6, S&G Br. 30mm
W25029B5 1 R.G.Br. Sm.; 22mm W20058C4 Lg.Auto., Dt. at 3, S&G Br. 30mm
W25027B6 2 R.G.Br. Lg. Dt. at 3; 30mm W20012C4 Sm.Qz., S&G Br. 26 mm
W25028B6 2 R.G.Br. Med. Dt. at 5; 28mm W20057C4 Sm.Auto., S&G Br. 26 mm.
W25029B6 2 R.G.Br. Sm; 22mm GOLD
W25027B8 3 R.G.Br. Lg. Dt. at 3; 30mm W20009C5 Lg.Qz., 18k G.Br. 30 mm
W25028B8 3 R.G.Br. Med. Dt. at 5; 28mm 820010C5 Sm.Qz., 18k G.Br. 22 mm.
W25029B8 3 R.G.Br. Sm.; 22mm W1505456 Lg. Mech, 18k, Lea.St. 30 mm
W250285A Med.Lea.Str., Ard.Bckl.; 28mm W1505556 Sm. Mech, 18k, Lea.St. 22 mm
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W250295A Sm.Lea.Str., Ard.Bckl.; 22 mm  


W25014B9 Lg. 18k G.Br., Dt. at 5; 30mm W25075Z5 Sm. Steel Pink MOP Dial
W25022B9 Sm. 18k G.Br.; 22mm W25064Z5 Sm. Steel
W25034B9 Mini 18k G.Br. W25065Z5 Lg. Steel
W2501516 Med.18k, Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 28 STEEL & GOLD
W2502316 Sm. 18k, Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 22m W25066Z6 Small


W1508156 Larger
W20073X8 Auto witd Strap W25077X9 Mini Rose Gold
W20060D6 Auto witd Bracelet W25073X9 Small Rose Gold
STEEL & GOLD W25063X9 Small Yellow Gold
W20090X8 Chrono. Steel Auto Strap W25062X9 Larger Yellow Gold
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W201072X7 Auto Strap  


W2007286 Auto witd Bracelet GOLD
W20091X7 Chrono. Auto Bracelet W6400301 G. Small Qz. Br.
GOLD W6400605 W.G. Sm. Qz. Br.
W20071X7 Auto witd Alligator Strap W640010H Y.G. Larger Qz. Br.
W20112Y1 Auto Strap W6400505 W.G. Larger Qz. Br.
W20171Y1 Auto Str. non-Engr. Back STEEL
W20096Y1 Chrno. Auto Strap W6600121 Steel Small Br.


W6600221 Steel Large Br.
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W52002V1 Gold Auto witd Bracelet STEEL
W52003V2 Gold Auto Strap W31072M7 42mm Auto Bracelet
W62005Y1 Gold Auto witd Bracelet W3107255 42mm Auto Strap
W62005Y2 Gold Auto Strap W31077U2 40mm Seatimer Auto Br/Str.
W62008Y2 Auto Chrono Bracelet W31077M7 40mm Seatimer Auto Strap
W62008Y3 Chrono on Strap W31010M7 Auto. “C” 35mm St.Br. White, Pink, Grey or Black Dl.
W62018V1 Small YG Bracelet W31029M7 Auto. “C” 35mm St.Br. 2 T.Z.
W62018Y3 Small Qz. Strap W3103155 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
STEEL & GOLD W31040H3 Auto. 38mm Grid S.Br.
W62026Y4 Sm. Quartz Bracelet W31031H3 Auto. 38mm 2 T.Z. Br.
W62031Y4 Auto Bracelet W31030H3 Auto. 38mm Crono. S.Br.
W62027Z1 Chrono. Bracelet W3104055 Auto. 38mm Grid Depl. Str.
STEEL W3103755 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
W62001V3 Steel Auto witd Bracelet W31037H3 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. St.Br.
W62006X6 Steel Chrono. Br. / Strap W31039M7 Auto. Chr. “C” 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. St.Br
W62016V3 Small w/ Bracelet W3103055 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl.
W62032X6 X-Lg. 2 Time Zone Br. / Strap  
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W3103055 Auto 38mm Sap.CrrBk. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl. W2601256 Lg.Mech., LeaSt. Ard.Bckl.
W3103H3 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. i W26012K2 Lg.Mech., G.Br.
W3103555 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl. W2603156 Lg.Auto., Lea.St. Ard.Bckl.
W31035T6 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. I W26031K2 Lg.Auto., G.Br.
W3103855 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2T.Z. Pow.Res. Lea.St. Depl.Bckl. W2601456 Med. Qz., Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
W31038T6 Auto 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z. Pow.Res. S&G Br. W26014K2 Med. Qz., G.Br.
W3103655 Auto Chr. 38mm Sap.Ciy.Bk. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl. I W26055L1 Lg. Auto W.G. Br.
W31036T6 Auto Chr. 38mm Ssp.Cry.Bk. S&GBr. W26033L1 Lg. Qz. Crono. W.G. Br.
GOLD W26036L1 Med.AutoW.G Br
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W30201H9 Auto. 42mm Chrono.Br. 36,500   W26019L1 Sm. Qz. W.G. Br.
W3017551 Auto. 42mm Y. or Rose G. Stc 17,600 W2605556 Lg. Auto WG. Str.
W3020151 Auto. 42mm Chroso. Y. or Ross Sir. 24,700 W2603656 Med. Auto W.G. Str.
W3013455 Auto. 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. W2601956 Sm. Qz. W.G. Str.
W30134H9 Auto. 35mm Sap.Cry.Bk. G.Bc W2603356 Lg. Qz. Crono. W.G. Str.
W3014256 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. LeaSt. W26054K2 Lg. Auto Y.G. Br.
W3013456 Auto. 35mmY.G. Strap W26011K2 Lg. Qz. Crono Y.G. Br.
W30142D1 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. G.Br. W26035K2 Med. Auto Y.G. Br.
W3014356 Auto. 38mm Grid. Sap.CryBk. LeaSt. W26015K2 Sm. Qz., Y.G.Br.
W30143D1 Auto. 38mm Grid. Sap.CryBk. G.Br. W2605456 Lg. Auto Y.G. Str.
W3014456 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z.Psw.Res. Lea.St. W2601156 Lg.Qz. Crono.Y.G. Str.
W30144D1 Auto. 38mm Sap.Cry.Bk. 2 T.Z.Pow.Res. G.Br. W2603556 Med. Auto Y.G. SIr.
W3014051 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.CryBk. Lea.St. . W2601556 Sm. Qz., Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
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W30140D1 Auto. Chr. 38mm Sap.CryBk. G.Br.  


W3014556 W.G. Auto. 35mm Sap.CryBk. Lea.St. GOLD
W30145M9 W.G. Auto. 35mm Sap.CryBk. W.G.Br. W15189L2 W.G. Mini Qz. Casque d'or
W3013756 WG. Auto. 38mm Sup.CryBk. LeaSt. W1518956 W.G Mini Qz. Str.
W30137M9 WG.Auto. 38mm Ssp.CryBk.WG.Br. W15133L2 W.G Qz Casque d'or


W1516856 W.G. 1920 Qz. Str.
STEEL W15109D8 Y.G. Mini Qz. Casque d'or
W51008Q3 Sm.Qz. S.S.Br. W1510956 Y.G.Mini Qz.Str.
W51003Q3 Med.Qz. S.S.Br. W151045D8 Y.G. Qz. Casque d'or
W51002Q3 Lg. Auto. S.S.Br. W1510456 Y.G. 1920 Qz. Str.
W51001Q3 X-Lg Chr. S.S Br. W1506056 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl
STEEL & GOLD W1506051 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. A.D.B.
W50007Q4 Sm.Qz. S&G Br.
W15109D8 Mini Qz. Casque D'Or 18k G.Br.
W51006Q4 Med.Qz. S&G Br. W15108K7 Sm.Qz. Anneaux 18k G.Br.
W51005Q4 Lg.Auto. S&G Br. W15045D8 Sm.Qz. Caoque D'Or 18k G. Br.
W51004Q4 X.Lg.Qz.Chr. S&G Br. Steel & Gold
GOLD W40002F2 Sm. Casque d'or S&G Br.
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W5000256 Sm.Qz. Lea. Str. Ard.Bckl.  


W50002N2 Sm.Qz. 18k G.Br. 15,700 GOLD PLATED
W5000356 Med.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. W10052F4 X-Lg. Qs. Grain de Rio Metal Br.
W50003N2 Med.Qz. 18k G.Br. W10072F4 Lg. Qz. Grain de Riz Metal Br. Rum Num.Dl
W5000156 Lg.Auto. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. W10073F4 Sm Qz Grain de Riz Metal Br. Rom.Num.Dl.
W50001R2 Lg.Auto 18k G.Br. 83090171 Lg.Qz. Gordon Metal Br. Rem.Num.Dl.
W5000556 X.Lg.Qz. Lea.Str. Ard.Bckl. 84090171 Sm.Qz. Gordon Metal Br. Rem.Num.Dl.
W50005R2 X.Lg.Qz. Cur. G.Br. W1007223 Lg.Qz. Lea. Str. Depl.Bckl.


W1007323 Sm.Qz. Lea.Str. Depl.Bckl.
W1512856 Lg.Qz. LeaSt. Ard.Bckl. W10072116 Lg. Must 21 H-Br.
W1512756 Med. Qz. Lea. St. Ard.Bckl. IDisc. W10073R6 Sm. Must 21 H-Br.
W1501756 Sm. Qz. Alangee Lea.St. Ard.Bckl. STAINLESS STEEL
W1501856 Mini Qz. Lea. St.,Ard.Bckl. W10109T2 Sm. Must 21 H-Br.
W1006254 Lg. Qz. 3 G.Dl. A.D.B. W10125U2 Cronoscope S & R Br.
W1006354 Sm. Qz. 3 G.Dl. A.D.B. I   Click For Watch Quote
W1002753 Lg. Qz. LeaSt. Ard.Bckl.
W1003153 Sm. Qz. Lea. St. Ard.Bckl.
W1008254 Lg. Qz. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl.
W1008354 Sm. Qz. LeaSt. Depl.Bckl.
W1013754 Lg. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1013654 Sm. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1014154 Lot. Qz. Depl. Str.
W1015054 Sm. Qz. Depl. Str.
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Ard. - Ardillion Dept. - Deployment Mu. - Must S. - Steel
A.D.B. -Adjustable Deployment Buckle Dl. - Dial Num. - Numerals Str. - Strap
Arab. - Arabic Dt. - Date P. - Pink Sw.Sec. - Sweep Second
Auto. - Automatic Enam. - Enamel Pol. - Polished T.Z. - Time Zone
Az. - Azure Ex.Th. - Extra Thin Pow.Res. - Power Reserve W. - White
Bckl. - Buckle G. - Gold Perp - Perpetual Wat.R. - Water Resistant
Bou.Br. - Boules Bracelet G.Pl. - Gold Plated Qz. - Quartz Y. - Yellow
Br. - Bracelet Gour. - Gourmette R. - Row  
Bz. - Bezel Lea. - Leather Rnd.- Round  
Cal - Calendar Lg. - Large Rom.Num. - Roman Numeral  
Ch. - Champagne Mech. - Mechanical Sap.Cry.Bk - Sapphire  
Chr. - Chronograph Med. - Medium Serp. - Serpent  
Croc. - Crocodile Mn.Ph. - Moon Phase Sm. - Small  
Crvd. - Curved MOP - Mother of Pearl Crystal Back Sq. - Square  

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